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Andy Bernstein

Executive Director
After a nearly 15 year career in the sports business, I left to become the fulltime executive director of HeadCount, a non-profit organization I founded in 2004. HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to registering voters and inspiring participation in Democracy through the power of music. We have registered nearly 500,000 voters via our work with Dave Mathews Band, JAY Z, Phish, Pearl Jam, Wilco and many other artists. I've also negotiated highly-successful partnerships with Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, Spotify, D'Angelico Guitars, Bobo's, Pandora, Billboard and many other top brands. Beyond registering voters, the organization serves as a grassroots organizing arm of the live music community. This includes a major initiative called "Participation Row," where we manage activism villages at festivals (Newport Folk Fest, LOCKN', Okeechobee Music Festival among others) and on major concert tours (Dead & Co., The War on Drugs, Grizzly Bear). Through Participation Row, HeadCount has raised over $1.4 million for other non-profit organizations in the live music community, while engaging thousands of voters around various issues and causes. We also have produced dozens of special events, including "The Bridge Session," where our board member Bob Weir performed with members of The National (leading them to record an album together a few years later). Other events include the election night "Soundtrack to History" concert, and the "Convention Jams" at the Republican and Democratic conventions in 2016. Prior to becoming HeadCount's fulltime executive director in 2008 I was Kangaroo TV's vice president, U.S. market, where I negotiated and manged a media rights agreement with the NFL. I also spent eight years as a reporter for Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal, where I helped conceive and launch the "World Congress of Sports," a high-end industry conference that became the most profitable event in the Street & Smith's Sports Group portfolio.