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Steve M. Boyle

Epic Immersive
Founder & CEO
Steve M. Boyle is the founder and CEO of Epic Immersive, a large-scale immersive experience company. Epic Immersive has created immersive experiences with 14-acre real-world fictional cities and 100+ actors, crafted immersive journeys in China and Paris, built neighborhood-scale cultural and civic festivals, and designed experiences for Silicon Valley companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. At Epic's imaginative events, guests have slid through slides in fireplaces into underground wonderlands, crawled through Dante Alighieri’s vaults, descended into replica London Underground stations, launched into mixed reality experiences from inside of Victorian mansions, and joined masquerades from revolutionary France on the docks of San Francisco. Epic Immersive is one of the founding producers of The Immersive Design Summit, the premiere industry gathering for the immersive world. Immersive Design Summit partners, speakers, and sponsors include: Punchdrunk International, Meow Wolf, Walt Disney International, Two Bit Circus, Area 15, Onedome, Oculus, and more.

Before founding Epic Immersive, Steve M. Boyle built immersive installations for Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s venture capital firm Innovation Endeavors, helmed San Jose Rep’s Emerging Artists Lab, collaborated on San Francisco’s hit immersive experience The Speakeasy, trained in global theatrical techniques across South and Southeast Asia, and ran the digital half of the million dollar funding campaign that saved Santa Cruz Shakespeare and attracted Sir Patrick Stewart to its Advisory Board. With Epic, he has continued his work with multicultural and multidisciplinary collaborations that unite historic spaces, cultural performance, and bleeding-edge technology. In its three year history, Epic has worked with a diverse slate of artists including taiko drummers, hip-hop artists, Ballet Folklorico dancers, ASMR specialists, escape room designers, mixed reality developers, swing dancers, and circus performers. In every year that Epic has existed, more that half of Epic's artists have always been women, and more than half of Epic's artists have always been artists of color.